Auto Shutdown

Auto Shutdown 8.11

It is a software designed to shutdown your computer at a scheduled time
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Auto Shutdown 1.2 is the latest released version of this freeware program developed by Konrad Papala. It is possible to download it free of charge, directly from the developer's website. Its size is quite small, so it takes no time to download. We can install and use this product at a click of a button. It does not require any previous registration. Auto Shutdown provides a tool for shutting down our computer at a given time. We can set up the shutting down time by either entering an exact time or clicking the “From now, in…” button and selecting a time from the opening window. It can also close immediately any application we may have running after we check the Force option, although this last option is not recommended as it can result in a loss of data. We can use it Auto Shutdown as a reminder. We can just check the Remind me about option, then enter any text, and check Play sound. When the time comes, it will open an alarm box with the text we have entered and we will hear a beep sound. It will not stop until we closed the window. The reminder function will work only if we have the software running. We can minimize the program. If we want to have parental control we can hide it and press Num Lock key whenever we wish to restore it.

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  • Freeware
  • Small size
  • Quite simple to use


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